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We want to thank you very kindly for considering our business for your freight delivery needs. You can rest safe and sound having contracted with us in order to deliver your cargo, whether it be from one city to the next adjacent town or from the West Coast all the way to the Northeast. No matter the length or distance of your freight journey, our company prides itself upon delivering cargo in an immaculate condition upon arrival at the destination. Our drivers are well-trained and seasoned in the transportation industry.

The fleet is well-maintained and composed of state of the art, cutting edge tractor trailers. Once you hand over your business’ transportation needs to our business, you can simply wait rest assured for your cargo to arrive on time and in perfect condition. We have been operating this type of business for a number of years and your satisfaction is our livelihood. Please take a moment to look over our website, including our business ethics piece above. In terms of budgeting for your business’ transportation needs, we offer some of the best rates in the trucking industry. We maintain this online presence in order to garner new customers who are in need of responsible CDL transportation providers.

Without you the customer, our livelihood would be squandered. We rely on your business’ need for reliable long distance transportation options in order to keep our business operating and running. We encourage you to contact our clerical staff in order to assess which transportation package is right for your company. Our office employees are by the phones and eager to assist with your business’ freight delivery needs. We assess every detail of your business’ transportation needs, from the weight of cargo to container space required, in order to ensure we set you up with the proper package. Our business truly cannot wait to get yours set up with the best-fitting long-distance transportation plan.

50 +
5 Million
Miles Per Year
30 K+
Delivered Loads
10 +
Years Of Experience

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This is what our team members say about working for Wisconsin Trucks Inc. Every employee has a story, let us write yours!

Michele P
I found myself in the opportunity of working in an amazing company, doing something I enjoy, and progressing in a career professionally and personally.
Marko D
At Wisconsin Trucks, you will have the opportunity within the company to create your own role and make your own rules.
Jelena A
Respect, care, and excellence at Wisconsin Trucks INc are the qualities that you won't find in many companies.
Douglas K
It is a please to work for a company that truly values their employees as individuals and will everything to help each person.